All That Defines Us

We Succeed When You Do

GEP's core values define who we are and how we work. They guide us in our journey toward building a beautiful company and drive our everyday actions at work. These values, along with our people, make the company what it is today and explains our passion for what we do.

GEP | Core Values


And GEP leadership is no different. They, too, commit to a set of values that support the vision of a beautiful company:

Delighting our customers

Building our capabilities

Serving our people

Growing our business profitably


These fundamental values differentiate us and define who we are as a company — along with our continued success and satisfaction of both our people and our clients.


Success and Beauty

At GEP, our goal is succeeding at every level. We help our clients, our partners, our communities — and each other — achieve more and go further. Simply, we want to build a beautiful company. Of course, beauty means different things to different people. We asked some of the people around us what they feel it means, and here’s what we heard:

Communication. Positive thinking. Listening. Learning. Teamwork. Flexibility. Trust. Fun. Innovation. Relationships. Creativity. Recognition. Accountability. Inspiration.

We aim for beauty and success in all our endeavors. It’s just part of who we are.


A Class Apart

What makes us really stand out from the crowd?

We value and invest in talent. We respect honesty and individuality. We put our clients and our people first. This is what makes us special, and why GEP is an exceptional place to work.

Here’s what we find important, and ensure we take the time to cultivate:




Extraordinary people get extraordinary results. We consider our people the smartest, most genuine and creative folks in the business – our clients tell us our people make all the difference.



Helping our clients become more efficient and save money is what gets us excited. We do better, go the extra mile and achieve more. It’s what GEP does best.


Our people have a laser-sharp focus on their areas of expertise and are constantly improving processes. These skills differentiate us from the competition – both the big guys and the little ones.


We’re so proud of our long-term customer relationships. We invest ourselves and our people into collaborative client relationships that maximize our value.


We Are GEP

Being a GEPper means you’re part of a team. Part of the family. What it means to be a GEPper might be one thing to you and another thing to the person sitting next to you. But everyone’s contribution makes up the growing company that’s GEP – a place where innovation and results matter.

So, who are we?

We are…here because of our customers, invested entirely in their continued success.

We are…value- and results-oriented, owning our clients’ problems, delivering solutions and exceeding expectations.

We are…a high-functioning team, working toward the same goal, challenging and supporting each other, communicating openly at all levels.

We are…in charge of our own futures, proactive and flexible, bringing solutions and finding value even in uncharted waters.

We are…passionate and creative, developing innovative and beautiful solutions, breaking new ground and constantly exploring new capabilities.



Part of the GEP brand is our Glassdoor OpenCompany status. As an OpenCompany, it means we’re recognized as a company that embraces transparency in the workplace. We’ve completed a series of steps proving GEP is committed to that transparency; meaning we’re up front about who we are, what we do well, and what we’re ready to improve. We’re proud to be an OpenCompany.


Some of the world’s most creative, interesting and dynamic people call GEP home. Why not you?