Campus Connect

Scouring Leading Universities Worldwide

Being a part of a company that’s experiencing consistent double-digit growth, you’ll find many opportunities to work on significantly large projects and grow with the company. We believe that every person joining GEP is a potential leader in training. Our global leaders are the proof as they were GEP campus hires not too long ago.

From MBA internships to direct hires, our campus recruitment program has never been stronger, with the GEP team holding events and advertising at colleges and universities. Perhaps you’ve seen us? We have a multi-year plan to increase our percentage of campus hires, so if you haven’t met us yet, keep an eye out, because chances are we’ll be visiting you soon. In the meantime, why not submit a resume?


The GEP Gameplan

We don’t just show up, hand out brochures and leave. We get involved.

One of our more successful campus programs, held in India, was called Gameplan – What’s Your Winning Move? Turning GEP consulting into competition, we approached several schools and offered a cash prize to the team who could come up with the most efficient and creative solution to a real-world consulting project, as well as pre-placement interviews to other winners.

We had an exceptional turnout, with over 1500 student registrations from top-rated schools. Gameplan received excellent reception, and the GEP team learned valuable lessons from our students! Talk about a win-win situation! We look forward to even more interactive campus events around the globe.

GEP and MBAs

Another integral part of our talent strategy is our work with MBA student interns. Our summer internship program offers students an inside, hands-on look at the company, doing real projects with real clients. Members of our MBA talent team share the same characteristics with our GEP team:

Outstanding records of academic and managerial or professional achievement

Sharp problem-solving skills

Structured thinking with strategic planning skills

Strong relationship management and customer focus

Ability to communicate complex ideas effectively

Negotiation skills and ability to develop and execute change management

Flexibility to juggle multiple projects

Ability to work collaboratively in a team environment


As an MBA student, you share these skills and competencies with the GEP family, and we’re here to help you get started on your professional career. We provide you with mentors and teach you about professional collaboration. And, we introduce you to the hallmarks of the GEP office culture – open offices, which make our founders accessible and give you the opportunity to interact with them whenever you need (don’t worry, they’re super friendly!), and our glass conference and huddle rooms, which put the idea of transparency in business into a literal context.

Lead your client team. Initiate projects. Take ownership. Where else will you find this kind of hands-on learning experience?